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Therapy for Rebels

Tired of talk therapy created for neurotypical people?  

I offer high quality, high impact therapy designed specifically for sensory neurodivergent youth. I can help you move from feeling stuck, traumatized, and misunderstood to feeling safe, seen, and living your full expression.

◦  Autistics   ◦  ADD/ADHD  ◦  Highly Sensitive People

Support for Suffering

Nervous system activation and becoming stuck in patterns of fight/flight/freeze is a core problem for sensory neurodivergent youth. I support my clients with an innovative, holistic approach that offers effective treatment with non-traditional short-term therapy methods. Many clients report feeling better within the first few sessions, and graduate therapy with a deeper understanding of themselves, their nervous system and how to respond to activation in healthy ways. 

Another core struggle is challenges with socializing and building relationships, particularly for autistic youth. I teach my clients about the differences between neurodivergent and neurotypical communication styles, and how to navigate them with an empowered mindset. I also teach skills to overcome social anxiety, improve communication around boundaries, and how to build/maintain healthy relationships. 

Instead of spending years "talking it out," I work with you to resolve the root cause of your suffering through nervous system recovery, building coping skill/strategies, lifestyle changes (such as diet, exercise, and sleep habits), and spiritual connection. Feel better soon, not years from now.

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Treatment Packages

Short-Term Treatment Options

What they are -

Packages are targeted towards specific mental health goals, coping skill/strategy building objectives, and lifestyle or habit change targets. Packages come in bundles of six, eight, and twelve.

How they work -

After completing a free discovery call and determining we're a good match, we meet for a full psychological assessment to evaluate your needs and goals.


Then over the next session, we will collaboratively create your treatment package with research-proven interventions, outline specific mental health goals, and coping skill/strategy targets. At the end of session, we'll schedule your session dates.


Then you'll complete the package as planned. You pay as you complete each session.


Our last session is dedicated to reviewing goals and learning objectives, and planning next steps after package completion.

Please note, you are not legally obligated to finish packages and can end treatment whenever is right for you.

Fees and Insurance


  • $175 / 45 min or $350 / 90 min

  • $40 an hour extra for multi-person session (typically for families or couples on behalf of the primary client)


  • I work as an out-of-network provider. This means clients pay for sessions the day of service, and then seek reimbursement through their insurance out-of-network benefits. Please reach out to your health insurance directly to verify your benefits.

  • You may also pay for services using a Healthcare Savings Account.

Location and Hours


48 CR 250, suite 8, Durango, CO 81301


Tuesdays | 3pm - 7pm

Wednesdays  |  3pm - 7pm

Thursday | 3pm - 7pm 

Friday | 3pm - 7pm

Saturdays  |  10am - 12pm |  3pm - 7pm

Mission to Serve My Communities

I am on a mission to serve the communities I represent and have a deep connection with. I personally identify as neurodivergent, white/Latinx, pansexual, demisexual, genderqueer, Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD/autistic traits, an empath, and am polyamorous. I am passionate about working with these populations and helping them to feel seen, understood, and validated.

Example Treatment Packages

Below you'll find brief examples of various treatment packages. Each package is tailored to the individual client.

6 Session Package for Reducing Anxiety 

45-minute sessions, biweekly

  • Learn the stress and trauma responses of our human nervous system, including anxiety, panic, and depression.

  • Build mindfulness-based coping strategies, such as breathwork, grounding, and movement exercises.

  • Rewrite dysfunctional thinking patterns that cause anxiety w/ trauma-informed CBT tools.

8 Session Package for ADHD Support

45-minute sessions, weekly

  • Stop nervous system pattern of "overdrive, then collapse" (aka hyper and depressive episodes) through building nervous system recovery skills.

  • Use of Motivational Interviewing's Stages of Change model for improved habit change.

  • Learn the ICNU model to build task initiation skills. I (interest) C (challenge) N (novelty) or U (urgency).

  • Gain skills to improve perfectionism, procrastination, and lack of motivation patterns.

12 Session Package for ND Education

45-minute sessions, weekly

  • Learn about the four main traits of neurodivergent people.

  • Get preliminary assessments for ADHD and Autistic traits and diagnosis. 

  • Build strategies to break out of fight/flight/freeze patterns that keep us locked in meltdown/collapse patterns.

  • Learn about the differences between ND and NT communication styles, and how to navigate them.

  • Change lifestyle habits to reduce chronic stress, such as diet/hydration, exercise, and sleep habits.


12 Session Package to Build Executive

Functioning Skills

45-minute sessions, biweekly

  • Learn about the twelve kinds of executive functioning tasks, and evaluate areas of weakness.

  • Build task initiation skills with the ICNU model. I (interest) C (challenge) N (novelty) or U (urgency). 

  • Build strategies to break out of fight/flight/freeze patterns that make our executive dysfunction worse.

  • Change lifestyle habits, such as diet/hydration, exercise, and sleep habits, to reduce stress and improve executive functioning.

  • Improve habit change with Motivational Interviewing's Stages of Change model.

Contact Info


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I am currently under supervision for my LCSW license. My supervisor is Elena Davis, LCSW. Elena specializes in working with complex trauma, somatic therapies, LGBTQ+, and neurodivergence. She provides me excellent supervision and consultation. If you need to reach Elena for any reason, please do so at (720)988-5620.

Interested in learning more?

Client Reported Treatment Outcomes

Client's reported the following outcomes at the end of treatment:

Marble Surface

Eight Sessions of Brief Treatment - ADHD/Autistic 18 yo

Client reported significant reduction in anxiety and no panic attacks since starting therapy. Client reported better understanding of self, increased acceptance of self, and increased understanding of needs and boundaries in relationships. Client reported starting therapy wishing they were neurotypical, but as they learned about their neurodivergent traits, they now appreciate themselves on a new level and don't want to be neurotypical. Client reported therapist helped them to break out of their shell and communicate in their authentic voice. Client stated by knowing themselves, their nervous system responses and how to better respond to them, they've changed how they interact socially for the better. Client reported making new and better aligned friends during first year of college.

Phoenix Rising, MSW, LSW

​As a neurodivergent (ND) person and survivor of complex trauma, I have firsthand experience of what trauma recovery and healing entails for NDs. I understand what it's like to feel oppressed by the mainstream culture and socially isolated. I provide my clients with an unparalleled space to process and heal their suffering with effective interventions.

After struggling as a teen, I worked my way up from the Community College of Vermont to receive my Master's in Social Work degree from New York University in 2011. I spent six years in New York City counseling traumatized BIPOC and LGBTQIA young people.

Several years later, I moved to Denver and began a private practice in 2017 called Higher Consciousness Healing dedicated to holistic wellness. However, I longed to teach what I had learned on my own healing journey, while also traveling nomadically and working online. In 2019, I founded The Art of Self-Healing Center with the goal to bring my healing wisdom into the world in a big way--through holistic wellness courses, nature retreats, and life coaching--all while traveling the country by RV. Over the years, I've created a healing model devoted to teaching what I felt was missing from traditional talk therapy.

Following the pandemic and the birth of my son, life has changed rapidly. I felt called to leave my life on the road to settle down in Denver and re-open my private practice to address the collective mental health crisis. In August 2021, I opened "Therapy for Rebels" to serve the ND youth and utilized The Art of Self-Healing model with my clients with enormous success. This year, I expanded my offering to include professional development training for mental health professionals and those serving ND populations with the goal of reducing harm and improving outcomes for these stigmatized groups.

I aim to combine everything I've learned through my personal and professional journey, and offer something really unique to the world that's both effective and potentially life changing.


Founder, Social Worker, Life Coach, and Leader

Denver-Region Co-Representative on the Colorado Board of Directors for the National Association of Social Workers

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