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For Mental Health Professionals and Organizations

Many sensory neurodivergent people (NDs) are pathologized and harmed by an ablest system. NDs such as ADHDers and Autistics, are not inherently disordered/disabled, but become so living by in our sensory-intense and chronically-stressed society. They're forced into a neurotypical world with the expectations that they should be like neurotypicals to be accepted and function "properly". Many therapies for these populations are causing harm, and even trauma, such as ABA. I re-educate professionals working with these populations to reduce harm and improve intervention outcomes.

I offer online trainings for professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge of neurodiversity and best practices for working with sensory neurodivergent populations (eg Highly Sensitive People, Autistics, and ADHDers).  Organizations, such as schools/colleges, non-profits, and medical practices, as well as mental health professionals, need to be reeducated on this important topic so that we can better serve this vulnerable population.

Phoenix Rising, MSW, LSW (Ze/Zir or She/Her)

Current Online Offerings


Two-Hour Basic Neurodiversity Training

  • Learn the five common traits of sensory NDs (eg HSPs, ADHDers, and Autistics)

  • Get a better understanding of misdiagnosis issues/overlaps for ADHD, ASD, PSTD, Social Anxiety

  • Gain an understanding of polyvagal's fight/flight/freeze responses and how these are responsible for the majority of issues NDs struggle with

  • Learn about common ND communication differences

  • Learn how to dismantle ableism and use best practices

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Two-Hour Neurodivergent

Polyvagal Theory Training

  • Coming this fall!

  • Gain in-depth information on polyvagal theory's five states

  • Find out how our modern-day society disables NDs

  • Learn common nervous system patterns that NDs get stuck in

  • Get tools to widen the "Window of Tolerance" for your clients, so they can achieve more during therapy

  • Learn how to use The Art of Self-Healing's nervous system coping skills chart with your clients


Please contact Phoenix to pre-register!


Custom Training, Speaking Events, and Consulting

  • I create custom online trainings and lectures based on your needs. I would love to work with you to create exactly what you're looking for within the timeframe you need it. Pricing is dependent on the time involved and the number of those being trained.

  • I also offer one-on-one consulting for managers, supervisors and clinicians. Get expert advice from someone who is a sensory ND themselves and has been in the field for over ten years. 

Please contact Phoenix to learn more!

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ND Therapists' of CO
Monthly Meetup

for Autistics, ADHDers, HSPs and more!

Join Phoenix's virtual monthly meetup where ND therapists can get support, network and collaborate with other ND therapists. Created for licensed mental health professionals in Colorado.

First Thursday every month from 11am to 12pm.

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