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Dedicated to serving youth ages 10 to 24.

I see you. You've struggled for so long in a neurotypical world that wasn't built for you. You're burnt out, tired of masking, often overstimulated, have meltdowns, and feel frustrated that people don't just "get you." Maybe you long to go back to hunter-gather times when we lived cooperatively with nature instead of against it. You see injustice everywhere and it shakes you to your core. 

You are meant for more. I see you as a powerful, complex being with limitless potential. Take my hand and let me show you what life can be like on the other side of suffering. It's magical here.

◦  Autistics   ◦  ADD/ADHD  ◦  BIPOC  ◦  Creatives  ◦  Disabled

◦  Empaths  ◦  ENM/Poly  ◦  Highly Sensitive People   ◦  LGBTQ+  ◦  Psychedelic Users  


Founder of The Art of Self-Healing Center & Therapy for Rebels

Welcome home.

I'm so glad you're here. My work is really personal to me. I've struggled with complex trauma as a neurodivergent (ND) person with autistic and ADHD traits, and have found traditional talk therapy methods largely unhelpful. These traditional methods are rooted in a patriarchal, colonialist approach that often disregards our evolved human needs, especially for NDs. There's also significant differences in communication style between NDs and NTs, which greatly impacts the effectiveness of talk therapy. In my work, I aim to fill in the gaps that traditional methods miss and create an effective healing model designed specifically for neurodivergent youth.

I offer a high quality, high impact approach that teaches effective strategies to improve your mental health, relationships, and life. It's holistic, somatic (body-based), and spiritual.

Interested in learning more? Check out my offerings.

         Psychotherapy         Life Coachin        Consulting/Training/Speaking (Coming Soon!)

Ready to book a free discovery call? Click here.

And don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Thank you for visiting!


Phoenix Rising, MSW, LSW

The Art of Self-Healing Model

Our universe is naturally self-healing and so is our physical body. When we get a cut or catch a cold, our body's immune response system helps us to heal. Since unresolved trauma is stored in the body, it can also heal naturally when the right kind of environment is created.


Through my personal and professional experiences, I've learned how to create the ideal self-healing container for our post-traumatic growth and potential to unfold naturally without overwhelming the traumatized nervous system. I call it "The Art of Self-Healing Model." (See image below.) It's a self-led model that empowers you to be the guide in your own recovery.


My approach combines spirituality, somatic psychology, neuroscience, human development, western and eastern philosophies, Jungian shadow work, various religious teachings, shamanism, evolutionary theories, functional and alternative medicines, autonomic nervous system recovery, and psychedelic harm-reduction. These seemingly separate topics have a common foundation that's allowed me to heal myself and others in ways I never thought possible.

Ready to take an empowered approach to your healing and resolve the root cause of your suffering? Click here.

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Therapy for rebels

Therapy for Colorado residents. In-person in Durango or via telehealth.

Life Coaching

Want to build your coping skills and improve executive functioning?


Phoenix offers consulting, training and speaking. Page coming soon. Contact Phoenix to learn more.



48 CR 250, Suite 8

Durango, CO 81301

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