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Dedicated to Empowered Healing

We provide support, education, and inspiration for neurodivergent youth who are looking for alternative methods for healing chronic stress and trauma.

Image by Helena Lopes


- Compassion
- Respect
- Integrity
- Service
- Quality Research and Information
- Faith in a Higher Power

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A Greater Calling for Large Scale Healing

The Art of Self-Healing Center has a greater vision to create mainstream awareness about neurodiversity and address oppressive practices on a systematic level. We believe that "disorders" like Autism and ADHD are not truly disorders, but are a different type of brain structure due to our human evolution. Our current modern environment is overstimulating, intense, and overwhelming for those with such sensory sensitivities. The symptoms marked as disorders are symptoms that appear due to chronic stress and trauma of these neurodivergent individuals.


You are not broken, our world is.


Let's work towards making the world a better place for future generations.


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