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Founder  |  Licensed Social Worker  |  Neurodivergent Person  |  Leader

As a neurodivergent (ND) person and survivor of complex trauma, I have firsthand experience of what trauma recovery and healing entails for NDs. I understand what it's like to feel oppressed by the mainstream culture and socially isolated. I provide my clients with an unparalleled space to process and heal their suffering with effective interventions.

After struggling as a teen, I worked my way up from the Community College of Vermont to receive my Master's in Social Work degree from New York University in 2011. I spent six years in New York City counseling traumatized BIPOC and LGBTQIA young people.

Several years later, I moved to Denver and began a private practice in 2017 called Higher Consciousness Healing dedicated to holistic wellness. However, I longed to teach what I had learned on my own healing journey, while also traveling nomadically and working online. In 2019, I founded The Art of Self-Healing Center with the goal to bring my healing wisdom into the world in a big way--through holistic wellness courses, nature retreats, and life coaching--all while traveling the country by RV. Over the years, I've created a healing model devoted to teaching what I felt was missing from traditional talk therapy.

Following the pandemic and the birth of my son, life has changed rapidly. I felt called to leave my life on the road to settle down in Denver and re-open my private practice to address the collective mental health crisis. In August 2021, I opened "Therapy for Rebels" to serve the ND youth and utilized The Art of Self-Healing model with my clients with enormous success. This year, I expanded my offering to include professional development training for mental health professionals and those serving ND populations with the goal of reducing harm and improving outcomes for these stigmatized groups.

I aim to combine everything I've learned through my personal and professional journey, and offer something really unique to the world that's both effective and potentially life changing.


A Vision for the Future

I have a dream that one day, we will have world peace. That every person, animal and plant has the respect it deserves. That everyone will be fed, clothed, sheltered and LOVED while we live in harmony with the Earth. I dream of a world where technology liberates us from unnecessary work and resolves our environmental issues. That we may have regenerative, permaculture-based communities that honor life over money and work cooperatively to resolve problems while respecting differences of opinion. That we may have time to heal our collective trauma and feel secure in our faith. I dream that one day, we will have a New Earth. Imagine all the people, living for today.

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